Why did Linux Mint drop KDE?

Clement says that the current project has very little in common with the other projects. The Mint team works hard on developing features for tools like Xed and Mintlocale, but they only work with MATE, Xfce and Cinnamon, which is why they dropped KDE.

Is Linux Mint discontinued?

Linux Mint 20 will be supported until the year 2025. It has been updated with new features and refinements to make your desktop more comfortable.

How do I install KDE in Linux Mint?

  • Open a command terminal. You can use the keyboard shortcut to get the terminal windowCtrl+ALT+T.
  • Run system update.
  • Command to install KDE Plasma on Linux Mint 20.
  • Select Default Display Manager.
  • Reboot and log in as KDE Plasma.
  • KDE Plasma GUI.

Although the default Cinnamon interface of Linux Mint is not only user-friendly but also gives familiarity to Windows users, if you want to more fancy look with useful apps then you should look at the other options.

The only thing we need to do is use one command to install the interface on Linux Mint. We don’t need to add anything to the packages that are already in the Linux Mint official repository. Once the package for KDE is installed on your system, you will see a text-based window to choose between two display managers. First you have to log in with Cinnamon or your default Dekstop and then in the terminal run, so if you want to completely uninstall the Plasma from Linux Mint, you have to do that first.

How do I get KDE on Linux?

  • Step 1: Add Kubuntu Backports repository.
  • Step 2: Install KDE Plasma Desktop on Linux Mint 20.
  • Step 3: Use KDE Plasma Desktop on Linux Mint 20.

Does Linux Mint use KDE or Gnome?

Linux Mint, the second most popular Linux distribution, has different versions with different default desktop environments. GNOME is not one of the ones. In versions where the default desktop is MATE or Cinnamon, Linux Mint is available.

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