Which OS is more secure Windows or Mac?

Mac’s are somewhat more secure than PCs. Windows is more easy to exploit than the macOS. macOS protects you from most threats, but it won’t protect you from human error. The year 2021.

Which OS is most secure?

There is a operating system called Linux.

Which operating system is more secure macOS Windows or Linux?

Linux isn’t without its security flaws, even though it is more secure than Windows and MacOS. Linux doesn’t have a lot of security flaws, but they are there. The year 2019.

Which operating system is more secure?

Microsoft had to step up its game in the last few years even though this is a con. The Windows operating system is more secure now against cyberattacks and is updated frequently. A good anti-malware program is found in Windows. A new year 2020.

Is Linux more secure than Windows?

Linux is the most secure OS as its source is open. Linux restricts the root of the system. There are a lot of different distributions of Linux available, which is a better hedge against attacks than a Windows monoculture. A year ago.

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