Which is better apple or Android?

Both Apple and Google have excellent app stores. You can put important stuff on the home screens, and hide less useful apps in the app drawer, if you choose to use the Android system. TheWidgets are more useful than Apple’s

Which is safer apple or Android?

The threat level is increased because it is easier for hackers to develop exploits. Apple’s closed development operating system makes it harder for hackers to get access to exploits. The opposite is true. Anyone can look at the source code to develop exploits.

Who is more successful Apple or Android?

In June 2021, the mobile OS market had a close to 73 percent share of the market. Over 99 percent of the global market share is held by both Apple’s and Google’s operating systems.

Is Apple more successful than Android?

The Android operating system dominates the market. According to Statista, Apple’s iOS has a measly 13 percent share of the global market. Over the next few years the gap is expected to increase.

Who sells more apple or Android?

The global market share looks like this, according to Statcounter.

Who is successful Apple or Samsung?

According toGartner, Apple sold 18 million more phones in the last quarter of 2020 than it did in the previous quarter. Apple sold 79.9 million iPhones in a huge change from the previous year’s numbers, capturing 21% of the global market.

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