Which account has the highest privilege in Windows OS?

The highest privilege on the operating system is the user account. The Administrator account is used in Windows. It’s known as the root account in Linux.

What is the highest privilege on Windows?

There are three built-in groups that comprise the highest privilege groups in the directory.

What is a privileged account in Windows?

Privileged accounts allow for the ability to make system and software configuration changes, perform administrative tasks, create and modify user accounts, install software, backup data, update security and patches, and of course, access privileged data.

What are the 3 levels of user privilege for a Windows 10 machine?

Administrator, Standard, and Guest are the types of user accounts that Windows has. It also has a special account for children. When the Windows Sign In screen first appears, people click their account’s name and picture to start playing with the PC.

What account has full control of the operating system?

There is an administrator account.

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