Where do I find Safari browser settings?

The Home page has a settings icon on it. The settings screen appears when you tap it. The settings appear for the changing.

Where is the Safari menu on Mac?

There is a menu bar at the top of your screen. Referred to as the general. The home page preferences are midway down and you can either manually enter the address you prefer, or if you are actively viewing the page you can click the “Set to current page” button.

There is no menu bar at the top of the search box and url box. The buttons are for specific functions. What are you trying to accomplish?

How do I open Safari browser?

Double-clicking the Safari icon in your Applications folder is one of the ways you can launch the program. A URL link can be clicked in an e-mail.

Where is Safari settings on iPad?

You can get to the settings on the iPad by scrolling down to “Safari”. On Website Data, go to Advanced.

The instructions apply to a Mac only. To get to the settings on the iPad, you need to scroll down to “Safari”. On Website Data, scroll down to Advanced. There is no way to remove data from a specific data on iPad. See here for specific iPad suggestions.

How do I find my Safari toolbar?

Go to the Safari View menu and select Show Toolbar. That’s all! The URL address bar is at the top of the screen if you start with a minimalist window.

There isn’t a place to enter a Web URL or search term at the top of the browser. The image is courtesy of Apple and can be found on the Show Toolbar. Return to the View menu and click on Show Favorites Bar, Show Sidebar, Show Tab Bar and Show Status Bar. You can hide or show any of these features with the Hide Toolbar, which has changed. The Favorites Bar contains text links to your favorites.

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