What is virtual server in F5 load balancer?

A virtual server is a traffic-management object on the big-ip system that is represented by an IP address and a service. Application traffic can be sent to a virtual server by clients on an external network.

What is virtual server in load balancer?

A Virtual Load Balancer allows for more flexibility to balance the workload of a server. Virtual load balancing is a way to mimic software driven infrastructure. It runs the load balancing software on a virtual machine.

What is virtual server and pool in F5?

The most basic type of virtual server is directed traffic to a load balancing pool. You assign a default pool to the virtual server when you first create it. The virtual server directs traffic to the default pool.

What is virtual server configuration?

A virtual server uses a unique combination of addresses, port numbers and host names to identify it. You might have several virtual server that use the same address and port number, but are different from each other because of their unique host names.

How do I create a virtual server in F5?

  • On the Main tab of the navigation pane, expand Local Traffic, and click Virtual Servers.
  • Click Create.
  • In the Name box, type a name for the virtual server.
  • In the Destination area, select host for the type of virtual server.
  • In the Address box, type the virtual server host IP address.

You may choose the default profile in the client list for the initial evaluation of Access Policy Manager. The default profile does not have a valid certificate, but can be used for initial Access Policy Manager evaluation and testing.

How do I enable virtual server?

  • Start the Network Control Panel Applet (Start Settings Control Panel Network)
  • Select the Protocols tab.
  • Select TCP/IP and click Properties.
  • On the “IP Address” tab click the Advanced button.
  • In the IP Address section click Add.

The server will be displayed with a CACHE sub part if you click on the New server option from the DNS menu. Click the Directories tab to add a directory and then select the Home directory check box. The first thing to do is to check the “Virtual server” box and enter the address you added in the first step.

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