What is the point of a Samsung account?

You can use the Find My Mobile service to keep track of your phone, as well as get news and discounts, all thanks to your account.

Do I have to use my Samsung account?

You don’t need a SAMSUNG account to use a GALAXY device, but you can sign in with one.

What is the difference between Samsung account and Google account?

Without having to create or sign in with any other accounts, you can enjoy all of the services from a single account. You’ll need to set up a Google Account to use your phone. The features you can’t access anywhere else in your account is completely different from that. In 2021.

Why do you need a Google account for Samsung?

You need to sign up for an account to access certain features on your phone or tablets. If you want to download a brand new app from the Play Store, you will need a Google account. You can add more accounts to your device.

What is a Google account on Samsung?

It is possible to back up your data, download applications from the Play Store, and transfer your data to a new device with the help of a Google account. If you skipped the setup wizard when you first turned on your device, you can set up the account through settings.

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