What is Active Directory and its functions?

Active Directory is a directory service that provides centralized management of users, computers, and objects within a network. Users and computers in a windows domain are its primary function. If the user has a valid password, they can log in to the computer. 2019.

What are the main functions of Active Directory?

The main function of Active Directory is to let administrators control access to network resources. In Active Directory, data is stored as objects, which include users, groups, applications, and devices, and they are categorized according to their name and attributes.

What is Active Directory and its types?

Active Directory is a directory service based on the LDAP. AD is responsible for authorizing all users and computers in a windows domain network. A group of people. There are names. There are 5 numbers. A new year 2020.

What is Active Directory easy explanation?

Active Directory is a database and set of services that connect users with the network resources they need to get their work done. The directory contains critical information about your environment, including who is allowed to do what, and what users are allowed to do.

What is Active Directory for beginners?

Active Directory is a directory service that stores data objects. There is a service that records data on users, devices, applications, groups and devices. The year 2021.

What is Active Directory and why is it used?

You can organize your company’s users, computer and more with Active Directory. Your IT admin uses AD to organize your company’s hierarchy from which computers belong on which network, to what your profile picture looks like or which users have access to the storage room. There was a new year in 2015.

What is Active Directory summary?

This gives information of the various Active Directory objects, such as resources, services, user accounts, groups, and so on, and sets the access permission and security on these objects.

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