What happens if you marry a German citizen?

If you marry a German citizen, you aren’t entitled to German citizenship. After two years of marriage, the spouses of German citizens are allowed to apply for citizenship by naturalisation.

Can I live in Germany if I marry a German?

Marrying a German citizen or a person with a permanent residence permit in Germany will allow you to stay in the country, but you still need a residence permit. You will get a permit to stay in the country for family union purposes if you marry a German.

Can I stay in Germany if have a baby?

You can get a residence permit for the family reunification if you have a German child. If you are already in Germany, you can get this type of residence permit.

Can I get a German passport if my husband has one?

After three years of legal residence in Germany, spouses or registered same-sex partners of German citizens are eligible for naturalization. They have to have been married for at least two years at the time of application. The requirements for naturalization are the same.

Can I get a German passport if I am married to a German?

You can get citizenship if you marry a German citizen. Foreign nationals who are married to a German national must pass the test to become naturalized. They should also meet the marriage requirements.

Does Germany allow dual citizenship for marriage?

Germany does not usually allow dual citizenship. There are exceptions, such as: You have a German and a non-German parent or your parents have dual nationality. There will be a new year in 2021.

How do you qualify for a German passport?

You have been a habitually resident in Germany for eight years, you have attended school in Germany for six years, and you have a school-leaving certificate, if you have completed a training course in Germany.

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