What happens if I marry a German citizen?

You can apply for naturalization if you marry a German citizen. Unless the foreign national spouse has been married for at least two years and lived in Germany for at least three years, they can’t apply for naturalization.

Can I live in Germany if I marry a German?

Marrying a German citizen or a person who has a permanent residence permit in Germany will allow you to stay in the country, but you still need a residence permit. You will get your permit to stay in the country for family union purposes if you marry someone who has a German residence permit.

Can you become a German citizen through marriage?

After three years of legal residence in Germany, same-sex partners of German citizens can be naturalized. They have to have been married for at least two years at the time of application. The requirements for naturalization are the same.

Can I stay in Germany if have a baby?

If you have a child who is German, you can apply for a residence permit for the family reunification. If you are already in Germany, you can get this type of residence permit.

Can I be deported if I have a child in Germany?

The parents of a child who is born in Germany often come from different countries. Due to issues of family protection and lack of necessary documents, these families cannot be deported to their countries of origin.

Have a baby in asylum in Germany can I stay?

Is it possible for the children of refugees to stay in Germany if they are born there? No. A residence permit will not be granted to a child who is born in Germany. The child may reside in Germany if both parents have a temporary residence permit. There was a change in the year.

What happens if you give birth in Germany?

14 weeks of paid maternity leave is given to women who give birth in Germany. Six weeks before the expected birth date and eight weeks after. In 2021.

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