What does R mean in Linux?

The option is called r. directories and their contents will be removed.

What does R command do in Linux?

A way to execute a large set of commands in sequence and save the results to a file is provided by running R in a batches mode. Let’s create a function in R and save it in a file. R. 20201128

What is R in Linux shell?

The command can be performed in all subdirectories if it is -r.

What does R mean terminal?

Recursive read all files under each directory, following symbolic links only if they are on the command line. The -d recurse option is equivalent to this one.

What does ‘- R do in Linux?

Permissions on files and directories can be changed with this command. Permissions on subdirectories and files can be changed by the ‘-R’ option. The chmod change the permissions on the file so that everyone can read, write, and execute it.

What does DASH R mean?

There are two alternatives to many commands. It is possible that -r has a less-cryptic alternative. A single dash means that the option consists of a single character, and these can be combined behind one dash. Ls -r is equivalent to ls -ra.

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