What do Mc and Mac mean when used in surnames?

Mac or Mc is a Scottish patronymic name. Adding the Gaelic word mac to the name of the original bearer’s father created these surnames. MacDougall literally means son of Dougal.

What does MAC mean in last name?


Why do Irish surnames have MC?

The Irish word “mac” means “son” and both “Mac” and “Mc” are related to that. The ‘a’ was lost in some names as the surnames were Anglicized.

What surnames start with Mac or Mc?

  • MacAuley. Variants: McCauley, McAwley, Cawley,Magawley.
  • MacAuliffe. In Irish:MacAmhlaoibh.
  • MacBride. Variants: McBride.
  • MacCabe. Variants: McCabe.
  • MacCann. Variants: Canny, McCann.
  • MacCarthy. Variants: McCarthy.
  • MacCormack. Variants: McCormick.
  • MacCullagh.

The meaning of the word MacBride is “son of the servant of St. Brigid”. Widespread Origin: Descendants of Carthac, a 12th century chieftain.

MacGiolla Rua is a descendant of the red haired man and was found in Fermanagh. MacGuiollabhuidhe Mac A Buidhe was found in Laois, Louth. MacGovern Variants: MacGowran, McGovern, McGowran In Irish: Mac Samhrain. Mac An Airchinnigh comes from the old name MacErenagh, which means “son of the lord”.

In Irish: O’Loghlen, MacLaughlin, McLaughlin were found. In Irish, Mac Mathghamhna means “son of a bear” and means a large or strong man. MacNally Variants: McNally, Macannally, Nally in Irish: Mac an Fhailghigh. Hugeli de Mandeville, a Norman-Welsh lord who arrived in Ireland in the 12th century, is referred to as the “son of little Hugh” in Irish.

Is MC Irish or Scottish?

There is no difference between Mc and Mac. Two out of three Mc surnames originate in Ireland, but two out of three Mac surnames originate in Scotland.

Is Mc a Scottish last name?

The surnames that start with ‘Mc’ are more likely to be Irish. The heritage of the Irish and Scottish nations is linked to the ‘Mc’ last names that we’ll discuss.

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