What controls the ignition system?

The engine controls give complete control over the spark characteristics. The control system uses a sophisticated ignition module.

What provides power for the ignition system?

The distributor decides where the power goes and when. The power goes down the spark plug wire. The charge to each spark plug is calculated here. The engine requires the rotor to turn in time.

What does the ignition system rely on?

The system is powered by a lead-acid battery, which is used to charge the car’s electrical system. The contact breakers interrupt the current to the coil.

What triggers the ignition?

An electric spark is an abrupt electrical discharge that occurs when a sufficiently high electric field creates an ionized, electricallyconductive channel through a normally-insulating medium. The breakdown strength for air at sea level is about 30 kV/ cm.

What triggers or controls the ignition module?

The primary current control circuit and dwell-angle control are contained in the ignition module. A pulse generator provides a timed electrical pulse for the amplifier to start.

What triggers ignition control module?

The coil can either be triggered by a stand-alone ignition module or by circuits within the ECM/PCM.

Where does ignition control module get power from?

The sensor inside the distributor sends a signal to the module. The spark plugs are created by the spark plugs being created by the signal.

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