What causes iPhone apps to stop working?

The apps will crash from time to time. It’s possible that your app is trying to connect to the internet and that your phone isn’t in 3G range; it’s also possible that the app has a glitch and crashes from time to time. If you want to load a list of active apps, you have to tap the home button twice.

What to do when apps stop working on iPhone?

  • Close and reopen the app. Force the app to close.
  • Restart your device. Restart your iPhone or restart your iPad.
  • Check for updates.
  • Delete the app, then redownload it.

What causes Apps not to respond?

There is a chance that a corrupted system file is causing the app to not respond. You can run a system file checker to look for corrupted or missing system files and fix them. A new year 2020.

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