Is Linux Mint safe and secure?

Linux Mint is one of the safest operating systems. Linux is just as secure as every other OS because of its settings and software integrity.

Is Linux Mint really secure?

Mint users don’t have to wait for packages to be available. Linux Mint has the same security record as other popular Linux distributions. There have been a few minor problems, but nothing out of the ordinary. This year 2017:

Has Linux Mint Been Hacked?

ISO Downloads were replaced with a backdoor after the Linux Mint Website was hacked. The systems of users who downloaded Linux Mint on February 20 may be at risk after it was discovered that hackers from Bulgaria managed to hack into Linux Mint, currently one of the most popular Linux distributions. There was a new president in 2016

Do I need antivirus with Linux Mint?

In your Linux Mint.4 aug. you don’t need any of the above. There was a change in the year.

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