Is Linux a failure?

Linux has been criticized for a number of reasons, including lack of user-friendliness and having a steep learning curve, being inadequate for desktop use, lacking support for some hardware, having a relatively small games library, and lack of native versions of widely used applications.

Is Linux still Relevant 2020?

The more things change, the more popular operating systems are. Net Applications claims that desktop Linux is on the rise. Windows still rules the desktop and other data shows that macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux are still way behind.

Does Linux have a future?

Linux isn’t going anywhere, at least not in the foreseeable future, because the server industry is evolving, but it’s been doing so for a long time. Although the cloud could transform the industry in ways we’re just beginning to realize, Linux has a habit of seizing server market share.

Why Linux is not popular?

Linux isn’t popular on the desktop because it doesn’t have the same OS as Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s macOS. If there was only one operating system, the scenario would be different today. Every use case can be found with an OS. 2020.

Why Windows OS is so popular and not Linux?

There is more software available for Windows than there is for Linux. Much of it comes from Microsoft. One of the open source’s greatest recent successes is OpenOffice.2 mrt. The year 2009.

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