How do I uninstall Google Drive without losing files?

There are steps to remove the stored files from your PC without affecting the files stored on the Web. If you want to back up and sync on your computer, you have to first click on the Google Drive icon and then select Preferences from the settings. Step 2 is to check the box that says “sync my drive to this computer” The year of 2017:

Will uninstalling Google Drive delete my files?

It doesn’t remove your existing files if you remove the Google Drive app. The copies in the cloud won’t be affected if you move them as needed.

How do I remove Google Drive without deleting files?

Go to your Dock and drag the drive to the trash. There are four. Right-clicking the trash and selecting empty trash will allow you to purge it. If you uninstall the application, you can remove the folder from your computer without removing anything from the web. In 2016

How do I uninstall and reinstall Google Drive?

  • On your menu bar, click Google Drive Settings .
  • Click Preferences Settings .
  • Disconnect account.
  • In the pop-up window, click OK.
  • After you are signed out of Drive for desktop, on your menu bar, click Google Drive Settings .
  • Click Quit.

Drive files are stored in the cloud and any changes you make are always up to date. The latest version of these files is available on all of your devices when you are online. The Drive for desktop installation information can be found in the admin console.

You can check the version number, last sync date, and amount of offline data on a device. If you need to restore the folder later, you need to create a backup copy of the Drive. The old cache file can be deleted once you have verified that your reinstallation of Drive for desktop is successful. You can try to recover your old cache if your new installation fails.

It’s a good idea to clear the drive to fix the problems. You can’t duplicate them at the moment.

The Drive for desktop doesn’t support the Microsoft Surface Pro X. If you want to uninstall Drive for desktop, you may have to manually stop it from running. If you want to address this issue on Windows, make sure Drive is running in the background.

This will show a different menu if you click any icons or options. Click the Processes tab at the top of the screen to select Start Task Manager if Windows doesn’t respond.

How do I reinstall Google Drive?

Go to a website where you can download a client. Click the button if you want to download a file from the drive. To install and start the file stream on your PC, you need to open the googledrivesync.exe. This year 2017:

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