How do I remove a school from my Chromebook?

Unenroll a school computer. The process of unenrolling is easy. The Developer Mode should sort you out if you enable it. All locally present day days are subject to deletion if the following is followed.

What Acer programs can I uninstall?

  • Acer Collection.
  • Acer Configuration Manager.
  • Acer Quick Access.
  • Acer Product registration.
  • Acer UEIP Framework.

We explain how to remove these programs.

Is it OK to uninstall Acer portal?

You can uninstall these programs by going to the link below.

Is it safe to uninstall Acer quick access?

  • Drivers & Manuals Acer Answers
  • ——————————- ——————-
  • Get Product Information ( only) Acer Support Videos

I think there is a way to make the Windows startup faster by disabling Quick Access.

What is Acer collection and do I need it?

Users can get precise recommendations on their installed apps, preferences and system status from the Acer Collection.

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