How do I open the browser on my Chromebook?

Look for the browser to be installed as an app on the Shelf. Clicking on the icon at the bottom- left of your screen will lead you to this.

How do I open Chrome on a Chromebook?

  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click More. Settings.
  • Under “Appearance,” turn on Show Home button.
  • Below “Show Home button,” choose to use the New Tab page or a custom page.

When you first launch chrome on your device, your startup page shows. If your search engine has suddenly changed, you may have unwanted software.

Learn how to find and remove malicious software from your device. By default, the new tab page shows your most visited sites, along with a search bar and logo.

If you saved your cookies and data, then any websites you were on before will open again. If you don’t want to be automatically signed in to these pages, follow the steps below.

When you quit the browser, turn on Clear cookies and site data. When you sign in, press Shift + t to reopen your pages.

If you use a Chromebooks at work or school, your network administrator can choose your startup page.

How do I use Chrome browser?

  • Go to the Chrome download page and click Download Chrome.
  • Click Accept and Install.
  • Click Run or Save if prompted.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install.
  • Now that you’ve installed Chrome, you can open it by clicking Google Chrome in the Start menu.

Click “show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page if you’re using a Chromebook. When you open Chrome, enter the web address of the page you want to see.

What is the default browser on a Chromebook?

If you use a Chromebook, you might have already noticed that it’s the default browser.

What browser does a Chromebook use?

It is possible to use the chrome web browser.

How do I know what my default browser is?

Go to the Start menu and type Default apps. Select Default apps. Click on the Default apps menu to view your current web browser. In this example, Microsoft Edge is the default browser.

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