How do I open SCCM Configuration Manager in Windows 10?

On Windows 10 which has already installed SCCM agent, open Control panel, change view mode to view by: small icons, then you will see Configuration Manager there. In 2017:

How do I access SCCM Configuration Manager?

Click Start to launch the CONFIGMgr console. The console logs can be found in the following location. In 2021.

How do I access Configuration Manager?

You can start by selecting Start > Programs > IBM WebSphere. There are setup tools and configuration manager. Click OK if you want to enter the Configuration Manager user ID and password.

Where is Configuration Manager located?

The snap-in is for the Microsoft Management Console. The snap-in can be found in the C:WindowsSysWOW64 directory.

How do I open the Configuration Manager Service Manager?

  • In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Monitoring workspace, expand System Status, and select the Component Status node.
  • In the Component group of the ribbon, select Start, and then choose Configuration Manager Service Manager.

Go to the settings group of the ribbon.

The options for the various site components are easy to understand in the Configuration Manager console. The following information can help you understand some of the more complex configurations. The settings that modify how the site server transfers content to its distribution points can be found on the General tab. The site’s management points can be found on the General tab.

Management points are used by Configuration Manager clients to locate services and find site information. The most secure way to find management points is to publish them in Active Directory. The Configuration Manager site can be used to publish to Active Directory.

If clients on the intranet can’t use Active Directory Domain Services to find management points, then you should use DNS publishing. This article describes the option to publish intranet management points.

A collection membership can be updated with new or changed resources. The services and threads are part of the Configuration Manager components. There are some actions that apply to Configuration Manager components.

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