How do I move a mailbox to another database in Exchange 2016?

The Exchange Admin Center is where you can log in. You can click recipients in the features. You can choose the migration tab. Click + and move to a different database.

How do I move an Exchange mailbox to another database?

  • Open the EAC and go to the Recipients -> Migrations tab;
  • Click + and select Move to a different database;
  • Select the user mailboxes you want to move;
  • Then specify a target mailbox database you want to move mailboxes to;

When the disk space where the current database is stored runs out, or when you want to perform an offline defragmentation of the database without disrupting the email service, are the times when corporate mailboxes in an Exchange organization are migrated.

The mailbox database size on a disk is not reduced when a mailbox is moved or deleted. This space can be used to store mailbox items for other users. Click + and select Move to a different database, then select the user mailboxes you want to move, and you can specify the list of mailboxes to migrate in a CSV file.

Since it is easier and faster to do it with PowerShell, I don’t use the mailbox moving features. To create a local request to move a mailbox, the New-MoveRequest command is used. If any corrupted items are found, the mailbox will not be moved to the target database. The mailbox and archive sizes are returned by the cmdlet, along with a message that the move request has been paused.

You can display the status of all mailbox move requests in the organization. You can use this command to make a list of mailboxes to be migrated.

How do I move a mailbox database?

If you want to move a mailbox between Active Directory forests, you need to create a remote move request.

How do I move a mailbox from one database to another in Exchange 2013?

Go to the Exchange admin center and choose a mailbox that you want to move. There is a link at the bottom of the right-hand side. The Migration view can be used to move to a different database.

How do I move an Exchange database?

Move the Exchange mailbox database to another drive. The new file path is specified by the EdbFilePath parameter. All database files are moved to this location. The log files are stored in a folder.

How do I move a database in Exchange 2016?

In the field of databases in computer science, a transaction log is a history of actions executed by a database management system used to guarantee ACID properties over crashes or hardware failures. The database is temporarily dismounted, the files are copied to a new location, and then the database is mounted again.

How do I move my Exchange 2019 database?

The database can be moved from the Exchange admin center. Take a note of the database path and the database name. The complete path can be copied to Notepad.

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