How do I make DocuSign mobile friendly?

To allow recipients to view mobile-friendly documents with responsive signing, log in to your DocuSign account, select Settings > Allow recipients to view mobile-friendly documents with responsive signing. There is a new year in 2021.

Is DocuSign mobile friendly?

It is possible to sign documents on virtually any device, at any time. It’s possible to sign documents on a mobile device without using the free mobile app. You can find a list of the documents you need to sign. A year ago.

What is DocuSign responsive signing?

You can use the responsive signing feature to sign documents by either providing a fully-formed HTML page as a document or by passing in a standard PDF, which is automatically converted intoHTML.

What is DocuSign electronic signature?

It’s easy to digitally sign documents with the help of eSignature providers. They work with the appropriate certificate authorities to provide trusted digital certificates and provide an interface for sending and signing documents online.

How does DocuSign verify signature?

The email address is used as a form of identity validation. If you have access to the email inbox, you can prove your identity. That may not be enough for high risk transactions.

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