How do I go back to Chrome without a mouse?

  • Follow links on the page by simply typing first letters of the text link.
  • Press “Shift+Enter” to open link in a new tab.
  • Press “Tab” to switch between multiple matches.
  • Press “Esc” to reset.
  • Extension for Chrome browser.
  • Similar tool: TouchCursor.

How do I go back without a mouse?

The first thing to do if you don’t have a mouse is to use the arrow keys to move between items. You can switch between programs and get back to the desktop with the help of the ALT and TAB. You can close programs with the help of ALT + F4. The year 2015.

What is the shortcut key for going back in Chrome?

  • Goal Shortcut
  • —————————- —————————
  • Go back to the previous page Press delete
  • Go forward to the next page Hold Shift and press delete
  • Reload the current page Hold Command and press R
  • Open the find bar Hold Command and press F

By learning a few keyboard shortcuts, you can speed up your prospecting research, gain valuable insights about your leads, and really build out that pipeline.

You won’t use them all on a daily basis if you waste time learning them. It’s worth having a memorised shortcut for the tasks you do every day. Instead of dragging my mouse to the top of the browser to click another tab, I quickly move to the next tab by holding Command and option, then pressing the right arrow key.

I can switch to the previous tab by pressing the left arrow key. When I need to jump to a specific tab, I hold Command and pick the right number. If I need to jump to the seventh tab, I hold Command and press 7.

I hold Command and press 2 if I need to go back to the first tab. If I’m reading an article with a hyperlink in it, I open it in a new tab by holding Command and clicking the link.

I don’t like dragging my mouse to the search bar to type something. Rather, I use Command and L to jump to the search bar.

I’ll start over if I screw up a URL or a search. Shift and option are used to highlight the next word in a search. Hold the Shift and option and then press the left arrow key to highlight the previous word. You can press the left arrow key for PC.

Want to go back to the previous page? The find bar says the first one isn’t correct. Hold Shift and press Enter to scroll back. Is there an email productivity tool that needs to be activated?

Shortcut to Close Window Quickly close the current window by holding Command and Shift, then pressing W. The Space Bar can be tapped to scroll to the bottom of the page. Press the number nine to open the last tab in your browser. Command and H are the only ways to hide Chrome for PC. Command + Shift + Delete will open your data options.

If the Find Bar is open, you can use Command + E to search for text. If we spend 80% of our time online, isn’t it worth investing a few minutes into mastering them?

It has a list of the 25 most common keyboard shortcuts.

How do I change my browser back to chrome?

  • On your computer, click the Start menu .
  • Click Control Panel.
  • Click Programs Default Programs. Set your default programs.
  • On the left, select Google Chrome.
  • Click Set this program as default.
  • Click OK.

Click on the “Choose an app” window to set Chrome as your default web browser. Go to the bottom of the Windows screen and click on the browser. If you don’t see the button, Chrome is your default browser.

How do I open the chrome browser?

Double click the icon if you want to open Chrome. You can access it from either the Start menu or the taskbar. If you use a Mac, you can open Chrome. You can drag Chrome to the dock.

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