How do I get to Safari browser?

  • Safari should be located on your Mac’s dock by default. Whenever you want to open Safari, simply click the icon on the dock.
  • If the Safari icon is not on your dock, you can also open it from Launchpad.

Safari is a free browser from Apple. If you want to use Safari as your main web browser, you can set it as your default browser. Click here to add bookmarks, add sites to your reading list, and share links with others New Tab Button allows you to view multiple websites in the same window. Click the Show All Tabs button to see the thumbnail of the tabs you have open.

How do I open Safari browser?

Double-clicking the Safari icon in your Applications folder is one of the ways you can launch the program. A URL link can be clicked in an e-mail.

Where can I find Safari browser?

  • On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click General. Open General preferences for me.
  • Click the “Default web browser” pop-up menu and choose Safari.

If you click links in emails and other documents, they open in your default browser. When you first set up your Mac, the default browser is Safari, but another browser can become the default unexpectedly. Click General on your Mac if you choose Apple menu > System Preferences. Click the “Default web browser” pop-up menu to open General preferences for me. Some apps open websites in a different browser.

How do I transition from Chrome to Safari?

  • In the Safari app on your Mac, choose File > Import From > Google Chrome or File > Import From > Firefox. You can do this any time after you start using Safari, even if you imported items already.
  • Select the items you want to import.
  • Click Import.

You can automatically import bookmarks, history, and passwords from other browsers when you first start using Safari on Mac, or manually import them later. You should remove your imported items. In the app on your Mac, you can manually import items from both Chrome and Firefox. If you want to import a bookmarks file on your Mac, choose File > Import From > Bookmarks. If you want to import a passwords file on your Mac, choose File > Import From > Passwords CSV File.

Should I switch to Safari from Chrome?

You will be better off with Safari if you live inside Apple’s system. The Handoff feature is difficult to top, and it’s nice to have some extra security around your purchases. If you have other devices in your house, you will want to use Chrome.

Can I switch back and forth between Safari and Chrome?

If you use a Mac with a trackpad, you can move back and forth between Web pages with a two-fingered gesture. You can switch to a three-fingered gesture in System Preferences.

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