How do I customize my Mac touch bar?

Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click the keyboard. Click on the control strip that you want to modify. If you want, you can expand the control strip in the touch bar. The Control Strip has buttons.

Can the touch bar be customized?

The general touch bar settings, control panel and touch bar for apps are the main ways to modify your MacBook’s Touch Bar. You can add or remove buttons on the Touch Bar by dragging them into or out of the Touch Bar. In the year 2021.

How do I change the touch bar color on my Mac?

  • Select a color: Touch and hold. , then slide your finger to a color.
  • Select a shade: Tap. , touch and hold a color, then slide your finger to a shade.
  • Select a mode or custom color: Tap. , tap the color list on the left, then tap a color mode, such as RGB.
  • Hide colors or the color values: Tap. in the Touch Bar.

The Touch Bar can be used to quickly add emoji to text.

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