How do directory services work?

Directory services are software systems that store, organize and provide access to directory information in order to unify network resources. Directory services map the network names of network resources to network addresses. 2012

What are roles of a directory service?

Directory services allow searches on individual attributes. Directory data can be distributed across multiple server within a network with a directory service. Directory are defined in terms of protocols.

What are the different types of directory services?

  • LDAP — Stores user and group information in an LDAP-based directory server.
  • Key File — A text file that contains the user’s password in a hashed format, and the list of groups to which the user belongs.
  • Digest File — Stores user and group information based on encrypted username and password.

Is directory service a database?

A directory is similar to a database, but typically contains more descriptive, attribute-based data; that is, data read more often than it is written.

What is Cell directory service?

There is a directory service called the Cell Directory Service. The names of DCE cells are stored in the 500 and DNS global namespaces.

Why do we need directory services?

Directory services exist in order to manage the relationships between users and their IT resources. IT resources look at the directory service to see if someone should be granted access.

What is a directory service object?

The names of network resources are mapped out in a directory service. A collection of attributes associated with a resource is stored. A directory service is used for the network.

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