Does boot need to be mounted?

You had to remember to mount it each time.

Is boot partition required?

Unless you’re dealing with RAID, you don’t need a seperate partition.

Can Linux and Windows share EFI partition?

1 answer. I was able to answer my own question after a day of research, and it is possible to use that partition as a boot partition. The year 2012.

Can I use Windows EFI partition for Linux?

To ensure that Windows does not mount the ESP used for Linux, you must use a separate system partition. The ESP used for Linux must be found on a different drive than the ESP used for Windows.

Can there be two EFI partitions?

There is a way to have multiple system partition on the same disk. The actual boot process won’t be affected by this, even though the Windows installer doesn’t like it.

How do I access EFI partition in Linux?

  • Open a Terminal window. (To do this, click the Ubuntu icon in the top-left corner of the screen, type “terminal”, and either hit Enter or select the Terminal option.)
  • Type sudo fdisk -l . This should produce output that identifies the ESP (among other things), like this:

The new installation will take over the old one’s location, so you can’t uninstall the old boot loader. Deletion of the GRUB could qualify as good housekeeping, but it’s probably unnecessary. The most reliable way to mount the ESP from the emergency disk is as follows.

Does Windows use EFI System Partition?

The mountvol /s command can be used to get access to the system partition. The boot manager is located in the EFI system partition.

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