Does rm require root?

Make sure that /bin is first in your $PATH so that your rm can be found before /bin/rm. You don’t need to be root to write or read the file if you set the script to ownership root:your_group and permission 760. Does rm need sudo? One answer. You should be aware of what the sudo […]

What is a DocuSign code?

When you receive an email that invites you to sign a document, there is a security code at the bottom of it. The document you received has a unique string of letters and numbers. The code can be used to sign, save, and print the document. What is the difference between an access code and […]

How do I identify my purpose?

Search inward. Put purpose before goals. Focus on what you have. Take ownership of your life. Think about what brings you joy. Develop your own life vision statement. Discover your true needs. Write out your story. Finding your purpose in today’s fast-paced, technology-filled world is more important than ever. People spend their lives reacting to […]

Do files take up memory?

The amount of data you have accumulated is not as important as how much you have open at the same time because the files on your hard drive do not use RAM unless they are currently running. Do files take up space? Personal files such as videos, music, photos, and documents can take up a […]

What does name Muriel mean?

m(u)-riel. Irish is the origin of the word. Popularity:10168. The meaning is sparkle or shine the sea. What does the name Muriel mean in Hebrew? “Muriel” means “fragrance of God”. Is Muriel a man’s name? Muriel is neither a masculine nor feminine name. Is Muriel a Spanish name? There is a habitational name from any […]

How many kernels does CNN have?

CNN models often have many more than three convolutional kernels, 16 kernels or even 64 kernels in a convolutional layer. A channel/feature map is created by the different convolution kernels that act as different filters. How does CNN decide number of kernels? Number of kernels are not arbitrary. As the number of possible combinations grow, […]

How do I do a disk cleanup on my laptop?

Click Settings > Click Control Panel > Administrative Tools. Click Disk Cleanup. At the Drives list, select which drive you want to run Disk Cleanup on. Select which files you want to delete. Click OK. Click Delete files. The Disk Cleanup tool, part of Windows, will perform a search on the hard disk for files […]