How do I customize my Mac touch bar?

Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click the keyboard. Click on the control strip that you want to modify. If you want, you can expand the control strip in the touch bar. The Control Strip has buttons. Can the touch bar be customized? The general touch bar settings, control panel and touch bar for […]

How do I make my Mac Dock auto hide faster?

How to hide the dock. Click on the separator to enable dock autohide. You can use theOption ()+Command ()+D keyboard shortcut to quickly hide and reveal. How do I make my Mac Dock appear instantly? The automatically hide and show the dock option can be found when you navigate to System Preferences > Dock. In […]

How do you refresh screen on Mac?

Pressing Command+R will perform a refresh on most Mac apps. To perform a hard refresh, press Command+Option+R or Shift+Command+R (depends on the browser). Pressing F5 will decrease your keyboard’s backlight on Macbook Air and MacBook Pro. This article will show you how to refresh all major browsers on Mac, as well as teach you about […]

How do I kill a process in Terminal Mac?

Launch Terminal (Finder > Applications > Utilities). When Terminal is running, type top and hit Return. When you find a process that’s using too many resources, locate the PID number to the left of its name. To kill the process, type kill -9 followed by the PID number and hit Return. It is possible that […]

How do I make URL visible in Safari?

Go to Safari > Preferences or click the Command+, keyboard shortcut. Click the Advanced tab. Check the “Show full website address” box. Close the Preferences window. The address bar shows instead of the full path to the article on the site. You can change howSafari behaves if you want to see the full address […]

Is macOS better than Ubuntu?

It doesn’t use much of your hardware resources. Linux has high stability and performance. macOS does better in this department as it uses Apple hardware which is specially designed to run it. Is macOS better than Linux? Why is Mac OS less reliable than Linux? The answer is to give the user more control and […]

How do you assign keyboard shortcuts on a Mac?

Select Apple menu > System Preferences, then click the keyboard. Click the Add button if you want to add a specific app or All Applications. How do you reassign keys on a Mac keyboard? Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Keyboard. Click on the keys you want to modify. Click on the pop-up […]

Why Safari is a bad browser?

Many argue that the Safari browser doesn’t offer much in the way of user friendly features. The browser’s difficulty in copying the contents of the web page is one thing that many users experience. Why does Chrome run better than Safari? Update Frequency is the biggest difference between browsers. Keeping up with updates is an […]