How do you delete apps from iPhone library?

To open the list, you have to go to the App Library. Touch and hold the app icon, then tap to uninstall it. To confirm, tap Delete again. The dots are near the bottom of the screen. Use the App Library to find hidden apps. The dots are near the bottom of the screen. If […]

Why do apps go GREY on iPhone?

Why do some of my applications turn grey when I click on them? That means that they haven’t fully downloaded. Sometimes restarting the phone and restarting the internet can jump start the download process. Why do some of my apps turn grey when I click onto them? Sometimes turning off the internet and restarting the […]

Why does my iPhone not let me delete apps?

The restrictions for deletion of apps are disabled and can’t be deleted. Allow restrictions for removing apps. tap “General” then choose “Restrictions”. The password must be entered for the restrictions. I can’t uninstall apps from my phone after I upgraded it to 11. I don’t know why I can’t uninstall apps on my phone. If […]

Why isn’t iOS 14 letting me delete apps?

Content restrictions are one of the reasons for the can’t uninstall apps issue. Click here if you want to know more about Content & Privacy Restrictions. Deleting apps may or may not be allowed. If not, change it to Allow. Several iPhone users have complained that they don’t have the option to uninstall their apps […]