How do I choose a search engine on my iPhone?

Head to Settings > Safari. Under SEARCH, tap Search Engine. Select the search engine you’d like to set as your default search engine. It’s possible to change the default search engine for the iPad and the iPhone, but you’ll still have to use Bing. What search engine should I use on iPhone? Out of the […]

Why is iPad slow on WIFI?

Even if you’re in range, walls and floors can affect the signal in different parts of the house. If the signal strength improves, you can move the iPad closer to the router. The signal strength should be boosted if the connection is fast but slow in distant rooms.

Can I hide a text thread on my iPhone?

If you have the tweak installed, you can open Messages and leave a message on any conversation you want. There is a new Hide button next to the Delete button. The conversation won’t be deleted if you tap on it. You can unhide it by pressing Edit and then Unhide All. How do I make […]

How do you delete contact groups on iPhone?

Open Contacts on the main iCloud menu. Click once on the group you wish to delete. Tap the delete key on the keyboard. When the confirmation pop up window appears, click on delete to finish. If you want to manage contact groups directly on your device, you have to use a web browser on a […]

What is Spotlight search on iPad?

Spotlight is a search feature in the iPad that allows you to find photos, music, e-mails, contacts, and more. The search feature can be found on the left of the Home screen. What is Spotlight used for? In stage, film, television, ballet, and opera production, a spotlight is used to produce intense illumination in a […]

How do I stop my iPad pro from freezing up?

Restart or force restart your iPad. Place on a charger and allow iPad to charge, without any use, for at least 1 hour. Close all open apps and restart. Reset All Settings. Restore iPad. Why does iPad Pro keep freezing? Bad apps are a possibility. If certain apps crash or stop responding, your device screen […]

How do I get rid of the black search bar on my iPhone?

To turn off Private Browsing, touch the URL field and then “Private” at the upper left corner of the keyboard. Thanks for helping fix the problem. This happened to me, too. Your answer was helpful to me. The year 2013) Why is my search bar black on my iPhone? The search/address bar is dark gray […]

How do you use Spotlight search on iPhone?

Tap in the Spotlight field. Type in your word or phrase and then tap Search. Tap an item in the list to view that item’s contents. Why is my Spotlight search not working on my iPhone? When disabling spotlight search for applications, head to settings and restart the phone. The spotlight for apps should be […]

How do I do an electronic signature on my iPhone?

Preview the attachment in the Mail app. Tap the toolbox icon, and then tap the Signature button in the Markup preview. Sign the document using your finger on the touchscreen, and then tap Done. You can still sign documents if you don’t use the built-in Mail app for the iPhone or iPad or if you […]