Why did all my apps disappeared from home screen iPhone?

If you don’t want certain apps on your device, you can restrict them. These pre-installed apps disappeared from your Home screen if the recent update automatically overrides your settings. There will be a new year in 2021. Why did all my apps disappear from home screen? Go to your home screen and tap on an […]

Should you keep apps running in the background iPhone?

It is believed that closing apps in background will improve performance and save battery life. This is not a myth in most situations. It doesn’t help the battery life. A new year 2020. What happens if I turn off background apps? It’s important that preventing an app from running in the background doesn’t mean you […]

Is force closing apps bad for iPhone?

We are officially shook by the fact that Apple says that closing the apps is bad for your battery life. It hurts when you force quitting your apps. It will take a long time to switch apps if you force them to stay in the background. Is force closing apps good? A popular tip to […]

What causes iPhone apps to stop working?

The apps will crash from time to time. It’s possible that your app is trying to connect to the internet and that your phone isn’t in 3G range; it’s also possible that the app has a glitch and crashes from time to time. If you want to load a list of active apps, you have […]

How do I turn off app library in iOS 14?

You can’t hide the App Library in Apple’s newest operating system. The organizational tool is here to stay. If you can’t stand the App Library, you don’t need to use it. The App Library was hidden on the right side of the Home screen. The year 2020. How do I get rid of the apps […]

What does lock screen do on iPhone?

Here are your questions. Lock screen is the first screen you land on when you boot up or wake up, it serves as both an assistant and a gateway, it keeps you informed and up-to-date, and it protects your iPad from unauthorized access. A new year. What is the purpose of a lock screen? The […]

What apps should not be on my iPhone?

CamScanner on iPhone or Android. Bad for your privacy: Facebook on Android or Apple. Kaspersky QR Scanner, which you can get on Android or iPhone. TikTok, plus these other child-unfriendly apps. Flashlight for iPhone and iPad. You can use your downtime to play games, watch videos, and write stories. There are a lot of productivity […]

Does closing apps help iPhone battery?

Most of the time closing apps won’t help your battery life. Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, says there’s no need to quit your apps to save battery life. What kills iPhone battery health? There is a cold weather. It was the biggest battery drain. The battery was charged in the cold, […]

Does lots of apps open slow down iPhone?

The more running apps you have open, the greater the chance that it will perform sluggishly. To get to the multitasking display of your running apps, double press the Home button. Does having multiple apps open iPhone slow down? That might seem strange at first glance, but it’s true. According to the technology giant, getting […]