Why are my apps greyed out Android?

Is the app icons grayed out on your phone? Your administrator may have deployed a policy to your device through Miradore, but it’s not meeting the requirements. May 4, 2021, specify the lock screen password. Why are my apps not working on my Android? Sometimes the cache data can cause an app to stop working. […]

When was Samsung discover?

Manufacturer Samsung Electronics ——————- ——————- Series Samsung Galaxy Compatible networks GSM First released November 2012 Type Smartphone The SGH-S730M/G is a phone that runs the Android operating system. It was released to the budget market and performed poorly due to its obsolete specifications. The device is one of the few that doesn’t use TouchWiz or […]

What apps are running in the background Samsung?

Go to your Android’s “Settings” Scroll down. Scroll down to the “Build number” heading. Tap the “Build number” heading seven times – Content write. Tap the “Back” button. Tap “Developer Options” Tap “Running Services” These steps will show you how to stop the apps from running in the background. If you follow these simple steps, […]

How do I force uninstall an app on Android?

To uninstall most apps, you have to find the one you want to uninstall. Go to the app and tap More info. Then you have to uninstall. It’ll be off your phone in a few moments if you say goodbye to the app. How do you force delete apps on Android? Open your Settings app. […]

How do you turn on internet on Samsung?

Data can be turned on or off at the tap settings. Go to more networks. There are mobile networks that you can tap on. To enable or disabled, tap Mobile data. How do I turn the Internet on my Samsung phone? 1 Swipe down from the screen to reveal the Quick panel. 2 Tap the […]

Why won’t my Android let me uninstall apps?

If you have administrator privileges, you may not be able to uninstall them normally. Administrator access is required in some apps to perform certain functions, such as lock your screen. Go to settings to uninstall them. Apps are a huge part of what makes your device great, but what if you need to get rid […]

How do I enable discover on my Samsung?

Press any part of your home screen. There is a card on the left. Make sure the feed switch is turned on. If you want, you can also select Discover over GOOGLE. OneUI 3.1 includes a news feed service called Google Discover. If you don’t see a carousel of card-based options when long-pressing on your […]

How do I clear search history on Samsung?

To open the Internet app, you have to navigate to and open it. Personal data can be tapped. You can choose your desired options by removing browsing data. Your data will be deleted. If you want to try out the S10 at Best Buy, you’ll need to meet a representative from the company. To find […]

What are the default apps on Android?

There is a Play Store. There is a search on Google. There is a browser called the Chrome Browser. There is a drive by Google. There is a mail service called “Gmail”. There is a Duo by the name of Google. They have maps. It is possible to play music on the Play Music app. […]